He Unbinds Our Muteness

He Unbinds Our Muteness

In today’s Gospel, Jesus casts out a demon that is mute. Most of the crowd watching were amazed. But some murmured and actually accused Him of being a demon Himself. What divine irony! The Word of God unleashing His creation from the bondage of evil and being mocked! As Jeremiah notes in today’s first reading:

“Faithfulness has disappeared; the word itself is banished from their speech.” (Jeremiah 7:28)

Jesus descends today and everyday, into the hell of our loneliness, our anguish, our unfaithfulness, our sinfulness. He unleashes us from our bondage to evil, our desire to out-perform God, to mock Him in our alienation and anger. He is by our side. He may or may not inspire us to amazement as He stands by us, but the Word burns away our dross. Soon It will emerge as He lays in the sepulcher and His Body burns with Resurrection and rises to bring us into Communion with Him and the Trinity.

We are halfway through Lent, and the end is in sight. Let us not lose hope!


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